Student Life


Upon arrival in Buenos Aires, students attend an orientation session that covers information they will need to live in Argentina. The foreign students attend a variety of informative talks with topics that can go from public and personal safety in the country and historical and cultural aspects of Argentina to extracurricular activities.


Students can choose to live with local families in homestays or to share a rented, furnished apartment with a roommate. There are also a limited number of dorms on campus.

Homestays are the best option for those students who want to really immerse themselves in Spanish and Argentine culture, as they share everyday and social activities with family members. Homestays typically offer a meal plan which includes breakfast and dinner with the host family every day, as well as linens and towels, and sometimes the use of laundry facilities.

However, if you prefer, you can rent a furnished apartment and share it with a roommate.

Health Insurance

Students are required to maintain insurance with their home policy. However, San Andrés requires that all students have also a local health insurance.

Trips and Activities

Throughout the Semester, students will be able to enjoy a quite diverse range of extracurricular activities under the guidance of our Student Life Coordinator and with the active participation of our local students.

Examples of Field Trips and Cultural Activities
  • Bus and walking tours through the most vital and interesting areas of downtown Buenos Aires
  • A behind-the-scenes guided tour of the legendary Colón Theater
  • One-day excursion to San Isidro and Tigre (bus, boat and canoeing tour)
  • One day in the countryside: visit to an “estancia” (a ranch) with horseback riding, gaucho show and asado (a traditional Argentine barbeque)
  • Tango Orchestra show
  • Tango lessons and milonga

About Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the most cosmopolitan capitals in South America. The widely diverse population creates a dynamic mixture of Latin American and European culture, which is reflected in the city’s eclectic architecture, distinct cuisine, and rich cultural life.

Buenos Aires is home to an incomparable array of theatres, bookstores, cafés, museums and milongas (tango salons), and it has a vibrant and exciting nightlife.

The majority of the porteños are of Spanish or Italian descent. However, this city is also home to significant communities with Arab, Jewish, Armenian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean ancestry.

Buenos Aires has a temperate climate. Winters are mild; the summer, on the other hand, can be quite hot and humid.