Customized and Faculty Led Programs

Universidad de San Andrés is pleased to collaborate with universities abroad to develop customized and faculty led programs tailored to your institution’s specific needs.

A program in Argentina with San Andrés, in addition to guaranteeing top notch academics and student and logistical support, has many advantages.

  • With its sophisticated intellectual life and rich popular and political culture, Buenos Aires allows students to explore the most pressing contemporary social questions from globalization and financial crises to new identities and social movements. Buenos Aires also is a safe city in comparison with other Latin American metropolises.
  • San Andrés is internationally recognized as a premier institution of higher learning and research. Most San Andrés faculty hold PhD degrees from top European and US universities. They are well versed in international educational systems and the needs of international students having themselves taught in universities abroad.
  • San Andrés has been hosting international students at its university for over a decade. It has collaborated with many institutions of higher education such University of Texas at Austin, ESCP, Tulane, George Mason University and University of Kansas to create and run custom designed faculty led programs.
  • If you are interested in working with us on a customized or faculty-led program, please contact

Designing your Customized Program

Academic Program:

    • San Andrés faculty will work with you to design customized syllabi which include educational field trips to local institutions.
    • Duration may vary from 10-day special seminars to multi month long programs with several courses.
    • Can be designed for various language levels
    • Academic areas at San Andés include:
      • Art History
      • Business
      • Cinema Studies
      • Communication
      • Economics
      • Education
      • History
      • Human Rights
      • International Relations
      • Journalism
      • Latin American Studies
      • Law
      • Literature
      • Political Science
      • Spanish


Logistical and Student Support:

  • Staff from our International Programs office provide logistical and student support to help participants navigate a successful study abroad experience.
  • Students are housed in homestays with local families or, if preferred, can stay in conveniently located hostels.
  • Courses are held on the San Andrés campus just outside of the city or at our branch classrooms located in vibrant downtown Buenos Aires.
  • Field trips and cultural activities introduce students to diverse aspects of the customs and way of life of Argentineans.
  • Events are organized to encourage interaction between participants and local San Andrés students.